UAE-Sponsored Forces Funded “Political Bureau of Resistance” in Shabwa

The UAE-funded forces on the western coast led by “Tariq Afash” declared on Sunday the so-called “the Political Bureau of the National Resistance” in Shabwa province, eastern Yemen.

Observers considered this declaration an unprecedented painful political blow to the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) in Shabwa.

ِAccording to YPA, the bureau, which it members exceed 25, was declared during a ceremony held in Shabwa under the auspices of the governor, Awad Al-Awlaqi, according to local sources.

Activists on social networking sites mocked the STC silence on the bureau declaration ceremony, calling on it to stop what they called the “farce of Afash” in Shabwa.

UAE Creates New Militia in Al-Mahra

The UAE has sought to establish a new militia in Mahra province, east of Yemen, under the name “Al-Mahra Shield Force,” similar to its militias in Shabwa and Hadramout provinces.

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