Al-Houthi Calls on Yemeni People to Persevere in Facing Saudi Coalition

The Leader of Anssarullah movement, Sayyed Abdulmalik Al-Houthi said on Sunday that the Yemeni people’s approach to confronting the forces of injustice and arrogance is correct and it will overpass all the challenges and difficulties.

Sayyid Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, in a speech he delivered this afternoon on the anniversary of the Martyr Leader, affirmed that “the Saudi-led aggression coalition wants to destroy everything and make the Yemeni people surrender in order to control them.”

He called on the Yemeni people to persevere, and make their suffering an additional incentive and a new determination for its strong action in confronting the aggression.

“The Israeli enemy is now expressing great concern about the level of capabilities that the Yemeni people have reached, he added, noting the precision missile strikes reached Abu Dhabi and American technologies could not intercept them, the Israeli enemy was very worried,” he said.

Sayyid Al-Houthi conformed that the hostility of America and Israel to the Islamic nation is a religious belief and culture they believe in and a strategic vision that they adopt.

“the agents in the nation worked to make the state of loyalty to the Jews and Christians a religious belief among Muslims” he added.

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