Three Killed, Nine Wounded in Sa’ada, 37 Raids in Two Provinces

Three citizens were killed and nine wounded, including three migrants, by Saudi bombing on Sa’ada, and warplanes launched 37 raids on Al-Bayda and Hajjah provinces, and the Saudi-sponsored forces violations continued in Hodeida during the past 24 hours, a military official at the operations room said.

The official stated that the coalition forces committed 125 violations, including three fortifications creation in al-Jabaliya, two spy planes flew over Al-Hodeida, and artillery shelling with various gunshots.

Two citizens were killed in the Al-Sheikh area in Munabeh district, a third citizen was killed in Shada district as a result of Saudi artillery shelling, and 9 civilians, including 3 African migrants, were wounded by Saudi army fire in Al-Raqq area in ​​ Munabeh district in Sa’ada province.

The official indicated that the Saudi warplanes launched 24 raids on Haradh district and 9 raids on Hairan district and Bani Hassan district in Abas district in Hajjah province.

He reported that the coalition warplanes targeted, with four raids, Al-Sawadiya district in Al-Bayda province.

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