Sana’a Reveals Saudi Agreement Includes Human Trafficking to Protect its Borders

The military intelligence in Sana’a revealed a Saudi agreement on human trafficking with armed groups to form so-called “Happy Yemen Forces” at the end of last year 2021, for human trafficking to protect Saudi borders.

The agreement includes field missions, foremost of which is protecting the Saudi borders.

According to Houthis-run Saba News Agency, the Military Intelligence said in a statement that the agreement consisted of four axes written in eleven pages, seven pages of attachments and one page of signatures.

The agreement stipulated that the formed units should not be associated with any party except in accordance with the directives of the coalition leadership and its delegates in the commands of the Najran and Jizan forces and the joint operations room in Sharurah, linking them to the commander of the joint forces Mutlaq Al-Azima.

The agreement stipulated that the participation of the formed units would be effective and positive “in preserving, stabilizing, and securing the borders and security of the Kingdom.”

“The legitimate units participating in the southern border are not entitled to irresponsible association with any party except in accordance with the directives and aspirations of the leadership of the Arab coalition represented by the joint forces,” the agreement stated.

The formed units were obligated to pledge to “preserve security in all sectors of responsibility, cooperate with the relevant authorities, and answer inquiries from the security authorities, in a way that would reduce any security threat that would harm the situation or affect the sovereignty and security of the Kingdom.”

The agreement also includes the Saudi side bearing full financial responsibility and granting permits of entry to Saudi Arabia by the commander of these units and informing the commander of the Saudi forces about them.

The fourth axis of the agreement regarding unit commanders stipulated those privileges be provided for them and their families by “assigning an officer to follow up and extract the distinguished residency for commanders in honor of them and to ensure free education, health, etc. for them and their families.

The Military Intelligence considered Saudi use of “mercenaries” to form militias as human trafficking.

The Military Intelligence called on the families of those committing treason to bring their children from the Saudi border fronts and return to the homeland.

The Saudi-backed forces became a fuel for the battles of the Saudi regime, as happened recently on the Haradh front, which resulted in hundreds of dead and wounded among the Saudi-backed forces, it added.

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