UN Refuses to Reclassify Anssarallah on Sanctions List

US media revealed on Thursday the United Nations’ objection to Emirati-Saudi efforts to reclassify “Anssarallah movement ” in Yemen on the US sanctions list.

Foreign Policy magazine stated in a report that international organizations informed the US President Joe Biden’s administration of their rejection of any step in this direction.

The organizations considered that the reclassification would harm millions of Yemenis living in the north of Yemen and would represent a push towards starvation.

The International Crisis Group also played down the repercussions of the decision, which may affect the movement of international organizations and commercial banks and limit the flow of food and goods.

Although the new UN request comes a few days before the new UN envoy begins his tour, which he said aims to market a new comprehensive peace plan, but the US motives were not clear yet from leaking such information.

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