UN Discloses “Initial Agreement” on Safer oil Reservoir

The United Nations’ Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Martin Griffiths, revealed “initial agreement” on Safer oil Reservoir off the Yemeni coasts of the Red Sea.

During his briefing at the Security Council session that took place on Tuesday evening, Griffiths affirmed that the agreement provides for the transfer of the oil payload in Safer tank to another ship.

The Safer tank, an old Japanese ship anchored over years off the Yemeni coast and carrying about one million barrels of crude oil, has constituted a crisis since the start of the war, led by the Saudi-led coalition, which refused to maintain it and made accusations by the United Nations of procrastination amid the erosion of its dilapidated parts, which forms a real threat and an environmental disaster as a result of a possible leak.

The agreement may constitute a glimmer of hope for an end to the Saudi-led war and siege, which is approaching its eight years, especially as it coincides with a new international movement to push for a political settlement.

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