Sana’a Discloses New Negotiations to Release Thousands of Captives

Head of the National Committee for Prisoners Affairs in Sana’a government, Abdulqadir Al-Mortada, on Saturday revealed that there are negotiations with the other party through the United Nations to reach a deal to exchange thousands of Prisoners.

Al-Mortada called, in a statement, on the United Nations to bring the Emirati side to the negotiations, as a basic requirement in any future round, stressing that the UAE is responsible for hiding thousands of prisoners on the fronts of the southern provinces and the western coast.

“There are negotiations at the present time with the other party through the United Nations with the aim of reaching a deal greater than the previous ones,” he said.

He explained that the last meeting with the United Nations was three weeks ago, and the conclusion of a deal to exchange thousands of prisoners from both sides was discussed.

The head of the committee indicated that there are dozens of deals that were agreed upon locally and are still pending by the Saudi regime, which is a crime against the captives of both parties.

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