US Exclusion to Saleh’s Son from Candidates List to Succeed Hadi

The United States excluded on Monday, the son of former Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh from the list of candidates to succeed Hadi.

Exclusive- alkhabar alyemeni:

This comes at a time when the coalition has returned to marketing Ahmed Ali as an alternative to leaders of the so-called “legitimacy.” Amid unprecedented division in the GPC that threatens to blow up the last remaining parts of the party who drowning in “clinical death” since the murder of its founder.

US media republished excerpts from former US President Barack Obama’s memoirs. He is considered one of the most prominent political makers of the current president, Joe Biden, who served as deputy during Obama era.

The memoirs indicate that Ahmed Ali Saleh is not fit for the presidency of Yemen, unlike the rest of his peers that the states depend on as prospective surrogates for their parents, those who were overthrown by “Arab Spring revolutions”, most notably Saif al-Din Gaddafi, Raghad Saddam Hussein and son of Hosni Mubarak, explaining that Ahmed Ali, unlike his peers, has a weak personality, he will not be useful to lead a country characterized by its cultural and social diversity, and whose politicians are cunning.

The publication of the memoirs, which is the first of its kind, came in evaluating Saleh’s son, on the eve of Emirati moves to bring him back to the scene, where it organized a party for him on the occasion of the graduation of his cousin, Tariq Saleh, from Zayed II Military College, It is an event that is the first of its kind since UAE claimed to have imposed an international ban on him.

In this context, Saudi Arabia, which was relying on Ahmed Ali, began to search for alternatives. Where a media movement began to market the idea of establishing an alternative presidential council to “legitimacy,” and the official Okaz newspaper hosted a number of Yemeni political figures in its forum.

Including the Minister of Information in Hadi government, who is nominated to head the government, instead of Maeen, to discuss this step which comes in the context of Saudi attempts to bring the conference and Islah together.

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