Marib: Civilians Killed in US raid Targeting Leader in al-Qaeda

A number of people, including civilians, were killed and wounded on Sunday in a US raid targeting a suspected leader in al-Qaeda terrorist organization in Marib province, northern Yemen, Yemen News Portal reported, based on testimonies of local sources.

According to local sources, a drone strike targeted a military pickup vehicle, belonging to one of commander of Hadi’s forces, north of Marib city, killing and injuring those on board along with civilians near the targeted site

According to the sources, the vehicle was carrying an unidentified al-Qaeda leader because the bodies were charred.

The sources said that militants from the organization were deployed in the area after the raid and preventing people from getting in and out of the area.

The raid reinforces accusations that Saudi-led coalition has been using the al-Qaeda organization in its seven-year war on Yemen.

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