Bloomberg: Houthis Have Ended Emirati Hopes

The panic of Emirati leaders cannot be hidden, Bloomberg said that despite UAE’s allegations of intercepting Sana’a attacks, “the message from Yemen came loud and clear, UAE is under Houthis’ eyes.”

Bloomberge clarified that, the message resonates far beyond the range of drones and missiles. Cause UAE is a vital node of the global economy: It is OPEC’s third-largest oil producer and one of the world’s biggest trade hubs, after Houthis repeatedly demonstrated the ability to strike deep within Saudi Arabia, are now a danger to Emirates.

Bloomberg emphasized that although the Emirati leadership is trying not to show panic over real threats; However, concern is evident in her exaggerated reaction, especially as they arrested residents who posted footage of the intercepted missiles. They are being questioned by authorities, on the grounds that they are videos may raise rumors or reveal vital security information.

it isn’t the footage captured on mobile phones that’s causing concern, nor can the government prevent alarm from spreading beyond its borders. U.S., is citing the Houthi attacks in its advisory against travel to UAE.

The agency pointed out that UAE was preparing to receive tourists again, as tourism represents more than 12 percent of the gross domestic product. It will be of special significance this year, as its economy recovers from the lingering effects of coronavirus pandemic, before missiles shade their skies in January. Bloomberg confirmed, “Houthis may have ended Emirati hopes of a return to business as usual”.

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