UAE Establishes New Camp on Socotra Island

UAE has established a new camp in the city of Hadibo, the capital of the Socotra archipelago, YPA reported on Saturday.

According to media outlets, the UAE equipped the camp with all military equipment and mechanisms in the city, after developing a joint military airport with the Israeli entity’s naval forces.

The sources indicated “that the UAE has been continued to send military experts of different nationalities, including Israelis, to the island, where the “Zionist entity” has had a military base since the year 2020.”

The establishment of the camp came after the return of the tribal leader loyal to the UAE, Abdullah Issa bin Afrar, head of the General Council of the Sons of Mahra and Socotra, who was accused of treason and complicity with the occupation of the island.

The Emirati forces arrested the head of the branch of the so-called “Southern Transitional Council on the island of Socotra called Raafat Al Thaqali, amid great secrecy, who suddenly disappeared from the local scene since November of the year 2021.

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