Abdulsalam: Normalization with Israel Is Alone Aggression against Islam

Head of the Sana’a negotiating delegation and Anassrallah Spokesman, Mohammed Abdulsalam, said that the normalization with Israel is alone an “aggression” against Islam and Muslims.

“The normalization with Israel is alone an aggression against Islam and Muslims, and these people have gone far,” said Abdulsalam in a tweet on his account on Twitter, commented on the situation of the UAE and Israel.

Abdulsalam mentioned that “the ‘Israeli enemy’ in its history had not had such agents who are with unbridled desire to serve it to gain its satisfaction and it would not be satisfied with them, and their war against Yemen was part of their services.”

He stressed that “the day of the ‘Israeli enemy’ and its agents will inevitably come, in which the peoples curse will overwhelm them all.”

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