London: Yemen War Victims Shown on BBC Building

Activists projected pictures of US-Saudi warplanes killing Yemeni children on the BBC TV building in London, on Saturday.

They showed statistics on the BBC TV building by using laser Technology, to project the names and photographs of Yemeni children martyred during the US-Saudi war on Yemen.

Activists called for lifting of the “US-Saudi blockade” imposed seven years ago on Yemen, urging the UK government to end arms sales to Saudi Arabia and its allies.

The event came in conjunction with mass rallies and protests held in different cities of the world, condemning the recent escalation of Saudi-led coalition and its crimes and massacres against Yemeni civilians.

In past few weeks, over one hundred Yemeni civilians were killed and many others wounded in airstrikes launched by the Saudi-Emirati coalition in Saada, Sana’a and Hodeidah provinces.

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