Investors in UAE Express Concerns after Sana’a Attacks

Several nationals residing in the UAE have expressed their concern about the security situation after the Yemeni army’s missile attack on Emirati sites.

Reuters commented, “For the first time, some of these people are concerned after two missile attacks within a week on Abu Dhabi.”

It added, “The UAE’s image as a safe commercial place was shattered when it was hit by a missile attack launched by Yemen.

“Of course we are upset,” said Shinas Govinda, 31, an ultrasound expert from South Africa who has lived in the UAE for three years. But she said she was confident in the UAE’s defense system.

An analyst at a Dubai bank, who asked not to be named, expressed his concern, saying: “It is concerning, but frankly I don’t see much discussion on the ground about this issue.”

“Randa Rizk” , 35, is an Egyptian, working in the field of marketing, commented that she felt some concern, stressing her confidence in the ability of the UAE government to continue to provide safety for her family.

Khaled Majeed, the fund manager at Sam Capital in London, believes that the attacks so far seem closer to warning the UAE.

The Spokesman of Sana’a forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, confirmed the continuation of striking the UAE depth unless the UAE stops bombing civilians in Yemen, calling on foreign companies and residents in the UAE to take away from UAE’s vital sites and considering UAE is an unsafe country.

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