Coalition Scandal.. “Assembling Missiles in Hodeida Port” taken from American Documentary in Iraq

The spokesperson of the Saudi-Emirati coalition, Colonel Turki Al-Maliki, appeared on Saturday at a press conference to reveal what he described as irrefutable evidence on transferring Hodeida port to a place for assembling ballistic missiles by Sana’a forces in the framework of fabricating pretexts to destroy the port.

Al-Maliki showed a scene showing ballistic missile parts in a place that seems unknown, as he said that he will not reveal on the place at the present, but checking the scene with technical tools showed the real place.

According to an investigation conducted by the journalist Farouk Moqbel Al-Kamali, and posted on Misbar website, the scene is from the movie Severe Clear filmed in 2003 at the beginning of US invasion to Iraq.

According to his description, it displays the diaries of First Lieutenant Mike Scotty and videos he and fellow members of the First Battalion of the Marines had taken.

Alkhabar alaymeni team has returned to the American film for further verification to find that the scene presented by al-Maliki is the same scene presented by the film at 01:09, this confirms a high-level deception by the coalition to justify the bombing of Hodeida port.

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