Saudi Arabia Looking for Urgent Iranian Mediation with “Houthis” in Jordan

Saudi Arabia began on Monday, searching for a way out of Houthi’s seizure a military cargo ship carrying a large shipment of Saudi equipment off the western coast of Yemen.

Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan offered from Jordan to reach a new agreement with Iran to preserve what he described as the pillars of stability in the region. Bin Farhan said in a press conference that followed his meeting with Jordanian officials that their hands in Saudi Arabia extended to the brothers in Iran to reach an agreement in the region. Jordan is one of the countries that has recently emerged as a regional player in the rapprochement between Riyadh and Tehran, and it hosted a meeting at the level of experts between the two parties before the end of last year, during which it announced that understandings had been reached on security and nuclear cooperation.

Bin Farhan’s statements with their rapprochement tone are the first since Iran and Saudi Arabia began secret negotiations in Iraq last September, as Saudi officials were keen to describe what is going on as an exploratory process despite the Iranians talking about sincere desires for rapprochement.

The Saudi minister’s statements come on the eve of “Houthis”‘ success in seizing the Emirati military cargo ship “Rawabi” in the Red Sea, this indicates that Saudi Arabia is trying to mediate with Iran to release the ship, which is carrying a large load of military equipment.

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