Sana’a Stresses Concern on Security of International Maritime Navigation

The Deputy Chief of the General Staff of Sana’a Forces, Major General Ali Al-Mushki, confirmed that Sana’a government is the keenest on the security of international navigation and trade lines.

Major General Al-Mushki pointed out, in a press statement this evening, that the capture of the UAE military cargo ship is an advanced operational response to hostile activities.

“All activities of the Saudi coalition forces are under monitoring and we have the right to take appropriate measures in this regard,” he said.

Al-Mushki stressed that any hostile movement or activity is a legitimate target for Sana’a forces and the popular committees (Houthis) and that the Saudi-led coalition forces must bear the consequences of their permanent violations of international laws regulating various maritime activities.

“We will defend Yemen’s naval theater with all our strength and we can implement what we say,” he added.

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