Sana’a Broadcasts Scenes of Military Equipment on UAE Ship

Sana’a forces spokesman on Monday revealed the details of the military operation of the Yemeni Navy, during which an Emirati military cargo ship was seized in Yemeni territorial waters.

Sana’a forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, confirmed in a press conference held this evening that the naval forces succeeded in the targeting of a military cargo ship while carrying out hostile activities at Yemeni territorial waters.

“The hostile ship carries military equipment, including mechanisms, devices, and other equipment used in the ‘aggression’ against the Yemeni people,” Brig. Gen. Sarie said.

The Emirati ship has been monitored for weeks by the naval forces, and it has carried out several hostile acts and engaged in hostile activities in Yemeni territorial waters, he explained.

The spokesman added that the naval forces, within the framework of their defense tasks for the Yemeni territorial waters, were and still monitor all the hostile activities of the warships of the Saudi-led coalition.

Sarie reiterated the warning that the Sana’a forces have the appropriate options to respond to the coalition’s escalation.

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