An Emirati Deal with “Houthis

The announcement of “Houthis” on the seizure of coalition’s military cargo ship off the western coast of Yemen, sparked widespread controversy, especially among activists, and theorists of coalition and its seven-year-old war, how did social media pioneers interact with the process?

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

The process of storming and controlling the Emirati ship, which initial images confirm that it was transporting a huge shipment of weapons belonging to the Saudi forces in Socotra, it was on its way to Jizan Regional Port

as part of the arrangements for handing over the island to UAE, it is the first of its kind in the theater of war operations for Sana’a forces, which during the past years used to limit their war operations at sea to only coalition ships and battleships, and this in itself is a remarkable development in the conduct of operations that heralds the transition of “Houthis” to a new stage of escalation in response to the new escalation of coalition.

Regardless the strategy that Sana’a forces used in the process of seizing the ship, and the coalition’s intelligence penetration and tracking the ship from the moment it left Socotra and even off the coast of Hodeidah, in a shipping line crowded with ships and boats, the operation began with the view of activists loyal to the coalition in a different way, according to them, especially the opponents of Emirates, it is orchestrated by Abu Dhabi, and it may be, as Adel Al-Shuja’a, Anis Mansour and Mukhtar Al-Rahbi agree, who are media leaders in the ranks of coalition within the framework of deals between Emirates and those who describe them as “Houthis.” The Emiratis may have deliberately approached the ship more than the western coasts of Yemen, in retaliation for Saudi forces that fought a conflict against them in Socotra during the past years, or as part of deals related to the recent developments in Shabwah, and what Al-Shujaa describes as a “repositioning” that UAE started on the western coast by withdrawing from the districts south of Hodeida all the way to Mocha.

Whatever the strategy used in the new operation, this operation will certainly change many tactics in the map of the war on Yemen led by Saudi Arabia for 7 years

It may carry strong messages to the allies of the war on Yemen, those who are trying to escalate in order to put pressure on Sana’a to accept a peace agreement that saves their faces in the war on Yemen.

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