Al-Huraizi: We Have No choice but to Fight, Confront Saudi-Emirati Invasion

The famous tribal leader, Sheikh Ali Al-Huraizi in Al-Mahrah province, vowed on Sunday, to confront the “occupation plans.” considering that the only option in reference to what the province is going through, what he called the “Saudi-Emirati invasion,” which “came to completely invade Yemen.”

Al-Huraizi said that Emirati officers and others from Al-Dhale province are present at Al-Ghaydah Airport in Al-Mahrah province. He stressed that “if the foreign forces do not leave Al-Ghaydah Airport, we will fight them.” According to Al-Mahrah Net.

He pointed out that “Saudi Arabia and UAE are destroying entire brigades, whatever happens, there is no way to caving to Saudi-Emirati occupation in Al-Mahrah. Pointing out that “the Transitional does not have a popular base in Al-Mahrah. He does not have a state project, but rather a militia and mercenaries working for UAE, they will not be able to implement any of what they demand.”

The tribal leader added: We count on all loyal Yemeni people, north and south, and I am fully confident that Al-Mahrah and its sons will win its battle, and any attack on the province by these militias, we will consider it an attack from hostile countries, and we are ready to defend Al-Mahrah.

He reiterated: “We have had a revolution since 2018 that aims to liberate the province from the Saudi, Emirati and American occupation, and we will fight to confront all the conspiracies being hatched against Al-Mahrah,” according to the source.

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