An Attempt Thwarted to Export New Oil Shipment from Hadhramaut

Hadhramaut tribes threatened on Wednesday, to storm the most important oil ports, in conjunction with attempts to export a new oil shipment, amid indications of delaying the shipment sale.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Sheikh Saleh bin Hariz, the most prominent leader of the second Hadrami forces, called on the sons of Hadhramaut to march tomorrow on the oil export port in AlDhabah promising to turn off the faucet, referring to the petrol faucet linking the fields in AlMassilah and the export port.

The call came on the eve of the arrival of a giant oil tanker to the port, to ship a new batch of raw fuel for the benefit of “legitimacy” that transfers its proceeds to accounts in the National Bank of Saudi Arabia.

In the context, sources in PetroMasila reported a tendency to postpone the sale of the new shipment, fearing from tribes to storm the port and the repercussions of that on the cargo ships.

The tribes that for weeks had imposed a blockade on the oil plateau succeeded in preventing the transportation of oil outside Hadhramaut, it still prevents fuel locomotives from leaving the city to the “legitimacy” areas of Marib and Shabwah, despite her agreement with the governor of UAE, Faraj Al-Bahsani, who directed to lift those points and normalizing life.

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