Shabwa: Islah Gunmen Attack Pro-UAE Professionals

Gunmen of the “Special Forces” affiliated with Islah Party loyal to Saudi-led coalition on Tuesday assaulted three media correspondents loyal to the UAE in the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwa, eastern Yemen, YPA reported.

Activists on social media confirmed that the gunmen attacked journalists Jamal Shniter, Saleh Saeed al-Dawil, and Mohammed Ali Pasha, while they were covering the operations of “Al-Amaliqa forces” in Ataq city, and confiscated the cameras and media equipment and devices that were in their possession.

This comes after the overthrow of the governor loyal to Islah in Shabwa, Muhammad Saleh bin Adyo, last Saturday, and the appointment of the leading member in the General People’s Congress, Awadh Al-Zeer, after his return from the UAE in early November.

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