Over 3,000 Yemeni Children Need to Travel for Treatment

The Acting Minister of Human Rights, Ali Al-Dailami, said, during a press conference on the reality of childhood in Yemen held Monday in Sana’a, that over 3,000 children need to travel to receive treatment abroad due to their critical health condition.

In the conference, Al-Dailami explained that the human rights and international organizations have not fulfilled their human rights and humanitarian duty towards the children of Yemen, who have been subjected to the crimes and violations over seven years due to the Saudi-led coalition, siege, starvation and displacement.

“Children were not spared from the coalition’s raids, neither in their homes, nor in their schools, nor even in health and worship houses and markets. Rather, the Saudi coalition made them a military target,” Al-Dailami said.

Al-Dailami stressed the importance of developing a program for the civil society that directs its attention to supporting children’s rights issues away from misinformation that serves the coalition and changes the facts.

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