Threatens with Targeting Ships, STC Prevents Export of Hadramout Oil

The UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) on Thursday threatened with targeting oil ships in the port of Al-Dhaba in Hadramout province, eastern Yemen.

The advisor to the Head of the “STC’s National Assembly”, Omar Ba-Abad, explained that the council is heading to close what he called “Bazbouz”, in a clear indication of their intention to stop exporting oil by sea.

Ba-Abad confirmed that the deadline set by the Hadramout tribes for the “Hadi government” to achieve several demands ends today (Wednesday), indicating that the next step is to prevent the export of oil from the Hadramout fields.

He warned the international companies that buy oil, as well as shipping companies, against entering the Dhaba port on the Arabian Sea, blaming them for any losses they might incur, indicating the possibility of attacking it.

Gunmen loyal to the STC have been imposing their siege on Hadramout for the second week in a row, and they succeeded in preventing oil smuggling out of the province.

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