New US Forces Arrive in Al-Mahrah

Local sources revealed, on Wednesday, the arrival of a new batch of US forces to the Yemeni province of Al-Mahrah, east of the country, which is under the control of the coalition and Hadi government.

The sources indicated that the American forces arrived in Al-Mahrah on board a warship, noting that US and British forces are stationed at Al-Ghaydah Airport in the province center, which has a strategic location overlooking the trade corridors and global energy supplies.

US, British and Emirati forces arrived earlier at Al-Ghaydah Airport, which has turned into a military barracks, where plans are drawn up to target the people of the province with the help of factions loyal to the coalition.

The peaceful sit-in committee in Al-Mahrah province, headed by Sheikh Ali Salem Al-Huraizi, demands the departure of foreign forces, including British and American, calling on the international community to intervene to save the Yemeni people from the schemes that target.

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