Sana’a Comments to Coalition Statement: There Is No Point in Hypocritical Diplomacy

Minister of Foreign in Sana’a government Affairs Hisham Sharaf commented on Friday on the statement of the Quartet of the Saudi coalition States that there is no time and no point in further hypocrisy at the freedom of Yemen.

Minister Sharaf said in a statement that what was stated in the statement of the quartet meeting is nothing more than a statement of courtesy to the international community.

“The countries of ‘Saudi-UAE aggression’ are living in a state of the illusion of seeking victory, and they are far from any intention for peace and a ceasefire,” he said.

“The statement proves to those familiar with the reality of the situation in Yemen that the countries of the Saudi-Emirati coalition are living in a state of illusion, and they are far from any intention of real peace, a ceasefire and fixing their mistakes in Yemen, and they do not value the human suffering of the Yemeni people because of its “aggression” Minister Sharaf said.

He advised the group, so-called Quartet, to recognize before the world in an explicit statement that the Saudi-led coalition is the main driver of the war in Yemen since March 2015.

“I advise the group of the Quartet and to accept to sit with Sana’a to end the war, under the auspices of the UN or through international participation that includes Russia, China, Germany and any of the Gulf states that do not support the US-Saudi coalition,” He added.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs reiterated Sana’a’s clear and serious welcome for a comprehensive and just peace without any conditions affecting national sovereignty and the independence of the Yemeni decision.

Minister Sharaf sent a direct message to Riyadh, Abu Dhabi, Washington and London to take into account credibility and clarity in any upcoming direction or any of its statements before the international community when it calls for peace and an end to war.

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