Yemen Openness to All World Countries Except Israel

President of Sana’a-based Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, on Tuesday confirmed Yemen’s openness to relations with all countries of the world, except for the usurper “Zionist entity”.

“As a state and government, we affirm our openness to equal relations that respect the sovereignty and independence of the country and non-interference in its affairs with everyone except the Zionist entity,” Al-Mashat said during his meeting with Ambassador Abdulelah Mohammed Hajar, advisor to the president of the political council for diplomatic affairs.

During the meeting, they discussed the determinants of the future foreign policies of the Republic of Yemen.

Al-Mashat affirmed that the Republic of Yemen stands by the central issues of the Islamic nation and its collective interests, foremost of which is the Palestinian cause.

He pointed out that Yemen deals positively and effectively with the United Nations, and believes that the United Nations must respect the sovereignty of states and protect international peace and security.

The meeting touched on the imbalances and abuses committed by traitors and agents in Yemen’s missions abroad, which negatively affected Yemen’s image.

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