Large-Scale Strike in the Coast of Hadhramaut

The cities of Hadhramaut coast witnessed on Sunday, complete paralysis in movement, with the start of the labor and professional unions, a general strike on the reality of conflict intensification between the deputy head of “legitimacy” authority and Abdullah Bugshan, the most prominent businessmen of Hadhramaut loyal to Saudi Arabia.

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Local sources reported that a comprehensive strike took place in all government facilities and institutions.

The so-called “Hadhramaut Human Rights Commission” had earlier called for the start of an escalation program against living conditions collapse.

In a statement, the authority criticized the continued deterioration of the currency and high prices, amid Hadi’s government ignored the poor living conditions of families in Hadhramaut.

Last November, the commission held a consultative meeting in Mukalla, during which it gave Hadi government a deadline to stop the continuous deterioration.

The escalation of the authority coincides with a similar escalation by tribes loyal to the Emirati-backed transitional council in the Valley regions and Hadhramaut desert, where armed men continue to close the oil plateau outlets, and they prevent the exit of fuel, animal and oil resources from the province.

The role of the transitional in the escalation witnessed by coastal areas, originally affiliated with Emirates, was not known, however, its timing indicates that there is a conflict within “legitimacy”, especially in light of the news that talks about a raging war between Faraj Al-Bahsani, the governor backed by Bugshan, and Hadi’s Interior Minister, affiliated with Mohsen.

The sources reported that Ibrahim Haidan assigned a spy network to track Al-Bahsani’s movements in Mukalla. Al-Bahsani had aborted Haidan’s efforts to appoint security leaders in Hadhramaut coast, the latest of which was the targeting of a high-ranking officer in Mukalla with an explosive device after leaving a meeting with Haidan and he was preparing to assume a high security position.

Haidan accused of seeking to enter “Islah” inside the security factions in Hadhramaut coast in preparation for their overthrow from the grip of al-Bahsani, whose forces in the Second Military District are already besieged.

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