Southern Activists Call for “Revolution of Hungry” in Aden

Southern activists on social media on Thursday called for a peaceful popular uprising, “revolution of hungry,” under the slogan “I’m hungry, I’m going out to protest” in the city of Aden and the other southern provinces.

The activists called on all citizens of all stripes and affiliations to participate in the peaceful popular uprising, which will start next Saturday in Aden and the rest of the southern provinces, controlled by the Saudi-led coalition.

The crisis experienced by Aden and the southern provinces exacerbated the suffering of citizens as a result of the collapse of the local currency, as the US dollar exchange rate in Aden exceeded on Wednesday the barrier of 1,730 riyals.

The activists urged the citizens to take to the streets and squares to carry out popular sit-ins and comprehensive civil disobedience in rejection of the starvation policy and denounce the deteriorating living conditions.

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