Russian Arrangements to Return to Sana’a with New Representation

Russia surprisingly, exempted on Wednesday its current ambassador to Yemen, Vladimir Doshkin from office, amid news of arrangements to reopen its embassy in Sana’a, in a move that may represent a blow to the coalition of war on Yemen, which American and European parties are trying to give life to its spirit under the pretext of “pressing on Houthis.”

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to what was reported by Russia Today, issued a decree dismissing Doshkin, who has headed Russian diplomatic mission in Yemen since 2013, from his post.

The channel did not explain the reasons for dismissal but diplomatic sources revealed that Russia closed its embassy in Sana’a, after the events of December strife in 2017; he arranged to return to Sana’a, by appointing a new ambassador to replace Dushkin, who reduced the Russian role in Yemen. Earlier, Sana’a revealed the arrangements of Arab and Western countries to re-open their embassy in Sana’a.

The Russian move came with the growing influence of its opponents in Yemen, which has a strategic location on the shipping line around the world. As the Europeans, along with the Americans, are pushing to support the Saudi-led coalition to put pressure on Sana’a, with the aim of accepting a political solution that stops the war temporarily in Yemen and implements the American and European agenda and interests.

It also comes after its diplomatic failure to revive Saleh regime, as a result of US and European Union aborting efforts in the Security Council to lift the sanctions on Saleh’s son, this indicates that Russia is losing its influence in the region.

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