UAE Seeking Russian Help to Unite its Front in Yemen

The delegation of STC loyal to Emirates left on Tuesday, the Saudi capital for Abu Dhabi, in a step that, in terms of timing, indicates an Emirati protest against Saudi Arabia’s reactivation to the Qatari paper in Yemen.

Exclusive-Alkhabar alyemeni:

Transitional media reported that the delegation headed by Aidarous Al-Zubaidi was supposed to discuss in Saudi Arabia the implementation of Riyadh Agreement, he started diplomatic meetings with foreign ambassadors, most notably the Russian ambassador, to whom Al-Zubaidi complained on obstacles to the implementation of Riyadh Agreement, Saudi Arabia’s non-compliance with its terms, as alluded to by those sources.

Al-Zubaidi’s meeting with the Russian ambassador came hours after meeting with Ambassador Tariq Saleh, the leader of pro-UAE factions on the western coast of Yemen, which indicates UAE’s attempt to push towards strengthening the rapprochement between the two parties, as part of the unification of its front in Yemen.

The Emirati move simultaneous with Saudi Arabia’s reactivation to the Qatari card, dispatching Ali Mohsen and the opening of an embassy for Hadi there, reflects Emirati concern about plans aimed at reducing the influence of the factions loyal to them, especially in light of the deepening differences with Saudi Arabia over Shabwah province, which has been in difficult labor for weeks, due to the agenda of the two parties eager to acquire oil and gas revenues.

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