Yemeni Kids in World Children’s Day… Stain on Humanity

In a tragic situation and with the continuation of the cosmic war against Yemen for the seventh year in a row and under the slogan (our childhood between bombing and siege). Yemen’s children, along with the rest of the world’s children., celebrated World Children’s Day, which falls on November 20th each year.

By: Mona Zaid- Saba News Agency

At the event organized by the Supreme Council for Motherhood and Children on this occasion under the theme “Our childhood between bombing and siege”, the Prime Minister, of Sana’a government Dr. Abdulaziz Saleh bin Habtoor, stressed that the targeting of the Saudi-led Coalition for Children in Yemen represents a target for the future of the country.

“Children are the most affected by the “U.S.-Saudi-UAE aggression” and blockade, whether by direct targeting them by flying or through the repercussions of the war and the blockade,” said Ben Habtoor.

He said America does not care to kill millions of children in Yemen or other countries of the world, because it simply only cares about imposing its hegemony on others.

Dr. Ben Habtoor condemned the shameful international positions on what children are exposed to in Yemen, as a result of the brutal war that targeted various aspects of the life of this segment.

The surging malnutrition rate and a shattered health care system is a catastrophic combination. Yemen is now becoming a living hell for the country’s children.

Many families face a cruel and painful choice: to use the little money they have to treat the ailing children or to buy food and save the lives of the whole family.

Having limited access to sanitation and clean water, children here have fallen easy prey to deadly epidemics, including cholera, malaria, dengue fever, and the novel coronavirus.

The war and blockade have caused the collapse of the country’s economy and the local currency, forcing millions of children to go to hard labor in order to help their families survive.

Despite all disasters, the resilience and fortitude of Yemenis also provide some hope. We see parents help schools to build classrooms, doctors offer free treatment for poor families, charity bakeries give out free bread, and so on.

Children’s organizations estimated that the number of victims of the Saudi-American war bombing of children close to 8,000 between martyrs and wounded, in addition to the fact that there are nearly 3 million children suffering from malnutrition, while more than 3000 children die every day, and that more than 3,000 children suffer from congenital malformations and more than 3,000 children need an open-heart operation outside Yemen.

In their reports, the organizations stressed that the closure of Sana’a International Airport prevented more than 30,000 chronically ill children from traveling for treatment abroad and that there are two million Yemeni children out of school, while half a million others have left it completely since the war began.

It blamed the Saudi Coalition and all humanitarian organizations, particularly the United Nations, for what Yemen in general and children in particular, are exposed to.

World Children’s Day is the annual UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Day) dedicated to working for children.

World Children’s Day is the day approved by the United Nations and has become an important official event celebrated by many countries of the world to become November 20th of each year.

The United Nations signed at the time the Convention on the Rights of the Child, whose primary objective was to provide support and protection to children and to take care of their rights. Accordingly, this day was dedicated to the celebration of World Children’s Day by activists and all countries.

It is worth mentioning that the children of Yemen have been suffering for more than seven years due to Saudi barbaric war, besieging them to let them live under the weight of diseases and epidemics.

The question that imposes itself here. How long will Yemen’s children continue to suffer? And when the world will wake up from its oblivion and return to its humanity?!!

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