UN Envoy Reveals an American Attempt to Confuse European Plans in Yemen

UN envoy to Yemen, Hans Grodenberg, revealed on Monday an American attempt to confuse European efforts to push for a peace process in Yemen that appears to be the closest, in light of the movement led by Grunberg, the former European Union ambassador to Yemen.

This came in a press statement launched from the Egyptian capital, Cairo, the day after the intensification of his meetings with representatives of southern and northern Yemeni forces in the framework of his arrangements for comprehensive peace negotiations.

Grodenberg called for reducing escalation and not pricing more, stressing at the same time the need to reach a political solution to the “crisis.”

Grodenberg’s statements came on the eve of US intensifying new moves in Yemen’s file. He predicted a military escalation that was not hidden by US envoy to Yemen, who called in his last statement to the loyal factions of coalition to unite to confront what he described as “Houthis,” in conjunction with the threat of US Secretary of Defense to intervene directly in the war in which his country has been participating for seven years.

Grodenberg, who took up his new position as international envoy in Yemen, had made tangible progress, on the path of advancing a peace process after his visits to Tehran, Egypt, Gulf and Aden, in conjunction with European rapprochement in the Iranian nuclear file, this raises the ire of Washington, which is pressing to pass its agenda in Yemen, it had previously obstructed former UN envoy Martin Griffiths, which prompted him to resign.

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