Prosecuting Critics of Hadi’s Corruption

Hadi’s government expanded on Sunday, the circle of prosecuting activists and former officials, as they uncover more files of rampant looting at the top of its pyramid. This portends on suppression of opposition voices criticizing corruption within the ranks of “legitimacy.”

Exclusive-alkhabar alyemeni:

Al-Hanashi said in a series of tweets on his official page on social media that coalition officers intervened a few days ago to allow for Baharethah to travel from Aden with huge sums of money to Cairo without inspection.

He also revealed corruption operations practiced by Maeen under the name of selling land to investors in Aden, through extracting documents from the head of the State Lands and Real Estate Authority and the Investment Authority, who is running the director of Maeen office, Baharthah.

Al-Hanashi also talked about extensive files and deals made by Maeen through Baharthah, who described him as a black box.

The directive to arrest Al-Hanshi as part of a campaign that Maeen started a few days ago, holding a cabinet meeting, and it was agreed to refer the files of Rajeh Bakrit, the former governor of Al-Mahrah, to trial on corruption charges.

This is in the wake of Bakrit’s revelation, who was joined STC recently, after his expulsion from Saudi Arabia, Maeen transfers about four billion riyals of Aden’s revenues to the benefit of Marib, whose authority there refuses to supply the revenues to Aden Central bank.

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