Mass Rallies in Several Provinces Denouncing US Escalation

Many of Yemeni province witnessed on Monday a mass rally under the slogan “America is behind the military and economic escalation and the continued ‘aggression’ and siege.”

The massive rallies were held under the slogan ‘The US is Behind Military and Economic Conflict and Continuation of War and Siege of Yemen’.

In the rallies, the participants raised Yemeni flag and chanting vociferous anti-American and anti-Saudi slogan, as well as burning the US flags and walked over it.

The participants in the rally raised banners blaming America for the catastrophic repercussions resulting from the continued war and siege on Yemen that exacerbated the suffering of Yemeni people.

They confirmed, in a statement issued in the rally, that America’s recent stances against Yemen have reflected an escalation in the field, and the commission of crimes against Yemenis, including the execution of captives on the western coast.

The statement indicated that Washington continues to provide the Saudi coalition countries with weapons and political cover, in order to continue their aggressive war on Yemen.

Statements were issued during the rallies, confirming that the recent American stances against Yemen including the execution of prisoners on the West Coast are proof of the US falsity about their keenness to achieve peace in Yemen aimed at misleading world public opinion.

” The bet of the Saudi-UAE on the American support is a failed bet, and what was not achieved for them during the past years will not be achieved in their new escalation,” the statements read, stressing that our Yemeni people will not surrender their legitimate right to self-defense and will liberate all the Yemeni land.

They considered that submitting the countries of Saudi coalition to the American administration and surrendering to its desires would cost them a lot, and the consequences of that would be serious.

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