Sana’a Forces Reopens Main Road of Hodeidah City

Sana’a forces and popular committees (Houthis’ fighters) on Friday morning the reopened the road at Kilo 16, which links the cities of Sana’a and Hodeidah together, following the withdrawal of UAE-backed forces stationed in the vicinity of the city.

The entrance of Kilo 16 area, is the second main gate of Hodeidah province. It is also a main corridor for the citizens travelling and returning to Hodeidah from various provinces of the Republic.  The road was closed for three years by the Saudi coalition forces.

Meanwhile, Hodeidah Governor Mohammed Ayyash Quhim (loyal to Sana’a government), in a tweet, welcomed visitors to Hodeidah city who flocked to it after the entrance was opened and secured.

The people of Hodeidah expressed their happiness at the opening of the entrance of Kilo 16, through which travel and transportation of goods are carried out without any trouble or hardship.

Activists on social media circulated extensively photographs of visits by citizens of the province to Kilo 16 area.

They confirmed its opening and being secured by the Sana’a forces and the Houthis’ fighters Images also showed the extent of damage and destruction to a number of facilities in the area.

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