International Parties Try to Return Pro-Coalition Govt’: Al-Ajri

Member of Sana’a government negotiating delegation, Abdul-malik Al-Ajri said on Wednesday that international and regional parties are trying in vain to restore the pro-Saudi Coalition government, most of whose ministers live outside the country.

“You do not need field visits. You can distinguish the behavior of the state from the behavior of gangs from where you are,” Al-Ajri wrote in his Twitter account, addressing the international and regional parties.

“Sana’a authority succeeded in maintaining police and security, imposing state authority, preventing economic collapse, maintaining the security of waterways, and combating terrorist organizations,” he added.

Al-Ajri pointed out that the Sana’a government achieved all that despite the scarcity of capabilities and the continuation of the war and siege imposed by air, sea and land.

Al-Ajri reviewed the economic and security conditions in the occupied governorates that are managed by what he called the “WhatsApp government,” amid the spread of al-Qaeda and Daesh, the escalation of assassinations, and the continuous collapse of the local currency against foreign currencies.

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