Islah Declares War on Saudi Coalition

Islah Party, the wing of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, demanded on Saturday Hadi to disengage officially from the alliance, in a move described in terms of timing as an official declaration of war after years of implementing the agenda.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Members of the party’s parliamentary bloc sent a message to Hadi, asking him to quickly provide weapons for those who described it as the “National Army” in reference to the party’s factions, through a third party and away from the coalition in reference to Turkey.

The message came at a time when Saudi Arabia is pressuring on Hadi and his entourage to pledge allegiance to Tariq Saleh, the leader of the pro-Emirati factions in the West Coast, as part of arrangements to hand him the helm of “legitimacy”, this indicates that the party, which still maintains large military forces, is planning to overthrow the alliance arrangements especially in light of the signs on the fall of its last strongholds in northern Yemen.

The letter is considered an extension to the partisan escalation against the coalition that Islah started recently and reached it to the point of threatening to join “Houthis” and handing over Hadhramaut, as contained in the statements of the deputy speaker of Hadi’s parliament and the head of Islah branch in Hadhramaut Mohsen Basurah.


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