Escalation Amid Kickoff of Saudi Negotiations Round with “Houthis”

The pace of military escalation between Sana’a and Riyadh escalated on Sunday, despite reports of an Egyptian mediation to calm the two parties, which puts the new Egyptian endeavor at a crossroads.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Medical sources in Sa’dah reported on the killing of a child and a man as a result of a new raid targeting the house of a citizen in Al-Safra’a District, which raises the death toll from the Saudi attacks on the daily border province.

The raids on Sa’dah coincided with missile attacks on border villages, with the intensification of the coalition raids on Marib province, where reports indicate that 31 raids took place during the past hours,16 of them affected Serwah district, and 13 on al-Jubah, in addition to two raids on Majzer. In addition to the raids on Al-Jawf, on the other hand, the coalition announced that Saudi Arabia was subjected to a new air attack, the third in less than 24 hours. He explained in a statement to his official spokesman Turki Al-Maliki that the attack was carried out by a drone and targeted Khamis Mushait, which includes the largest military base of Saudi Arabia in the south of the country. It is currently the most important operations room in the seven-year-old Saudi-led war.

The coalition had announced during the past hours that Jizan and Abha airport in Asir had been subjected to similar attacks.

This escalation comes the day after the Emirati newspaper, Al-Arab, reported that Saudi Arabia pushed Egypt to mediate with “Houthis” to stop the air attacks deep inside Saudi Arabia. Confirming in a report published in its issue today, Egypt’s invitation to a delegation from Anssarallah movement to Cairo, where a high-ranking Egyptian intelligence delegation held negotiations with “Houthis”, during which the truce was discussed with Saudi Arabia.

The newspaper did not reveal the results of those negotiations, but the continuation of the escalation indicates that it has not achieved any results, especially since Sana’a has been linking the cessation of air raids and lifting the siege in return for stopping the air attacks on Saudi Arabia, which has been leading a war and siege for years.

Saudi Arabia is seeking, through new negotiations, to reach an agreement that would spare its territory further air attacks, especially with the “Houthis” approaching to resolve the military battle of Marib.

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