More than 25 Airstrikes Hit Three Provinces

Saudi-led Coalition warplanes have on Sunday launched about 25 airstrikes on three Yemeni provinces, most of which hit Marib province, while other rids hit Saada and Hajjah provinces, according to security official in Sana’a.

The official explained that the coalition aircrafts attacked the district of Sirwah with 19 airstrikes and targeted the district of al-Jubah with nine airstrikes, while Majzar district with an airstrike.

In Saada, the Saudis warplanes launched two airstrikes on the district of al-Dhaher, while an airstrike on Bani Hassan area in the district of Abbs in Hajjah province, the official added.

On Saturday, the coalition fighter jets carried out 30 raids on Marib province, 16 of which targeted the district of Sirwah, 13 airstrikes hit al-Jubah and another airstrike on the Majzar district.

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