International Crises Confirm Approach of “Houthis” to Victory

The International Crisis Group revealed on Wednesday, changes in Yemen that may affect the region in general.  “Houthis are close to victory in the north, if not in Yemen as a whole,” Reuters news agency quoted Peter Salisbury, chief expert in the international group, as saying.

He considered the indicators on the ground to be the reason for Saudi Arabia’s failure to obtain Iranian intervention to achieve progress in the negotiations between the two parties.

Salisbury was commenting on the progress made by Sana’a forces on the fronts south of Marib city, the last stronghold of the factions loyal to the coalition in northern Yemen.

Marib constituted a detail in the seven-year-old war led by Saudi Arabia to control Yemen, controlling it would bring down the rest of the southern and eastern provinces that under the control of the coalition “peacefully.”

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