Within 48 Hours, more than 72 Strikes Hit Marib

Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched on Tuesday about 30 airstrikes on various areas of Marib province, a security official in Sana’a government said.

The official affirmed that fighter jets targeted al-Jouba district with 18 times and waged 12 others on Serwah district.

On Monday, The Saudi-led coalition warplanes launched a series of airstrikes targeting several areas in Marib province.

The official explained that the coalition warplanes waged 17 airstrikes on the district of al- Jaubah, seven on Sirwah and six others on the districts of Majzar and Medgal.

 On Sunday, the coalition warplane launched 11 airstrikes targeting the districts of al-Jubah and Jabal Murad in the same province.

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