Urgent Saudi Directives to Withdraw Forces from Shabwah

Saudi Arabia directed today Monday, its forces in Shabwah province to urgently leave, amid reports of an upcoming “betrayal from Islah.

Alkhabar Alyemeni – Exclusive:

Saudi Arabia’s directives came after military sources close to Hadi’s legitimacy revealed what they called “a Islah betrayal that endangers the lives of Saudi soldiers.

The urgent Saudi call was translated into practice with the start of a number of Saudi forces leaving their positions in Shabwah heading towards Hadhramaut.

Saudi Arabia had openly declared its lack of confidence in Islah forces and its coordination with Houthis against the legitimate forces and Saudi Arabia as stated by its ambassador to Hadi, “Mohammed Al Jaber”.

It is worth noting that Houthi forces continue their successive advances in the oil-rich province, warning of their downfall amid successive retreat of the legitimate forces and Saudi coalition

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