Liberating Area of 1,100 km2, Sana’a Forces Closing in on Marib City

Spokesman of Sana’a forces Brigadier General Yahya Sarie has detailed the second phase of Operation Spring of “Rabie Al-Nasr “and the recent developments in Marib province.

“Our forces have managed to fully liberate Al-Baidha province with the support of the local residents. The military operation in Marb is successful with the continued support of the tribesmen,” Sarie said on Tuesday during a press conference.

He confirmed that Sana’a forces liberated al-Juba and Jabal Murad in Marib which is an area as big as 1,100 km during the second phase of Operation Spring of Victory, noting that the mercenaries are on the run and abandoning their positions.

“Our forces continued their advance on the Al-Juba and Jabal Murad fronts. Our forces inflicted heavy losses on the enemy and allowed those who gave up the fight to flee,” the spokesman added.

“Our defense system carried out 86 operations. The missile units conducted 47 operations during the second phase of Operation Spring of Victory. Our drone units conducted 141 operations, including 13 operations deep in Saudi Arabia territories,” he added.

Saree said that Sana’a forces have used persuasive efforts and struck deals with the local tribesman to prevent shedding more blood, while the Saudi-led coalition and its loyal forces continue their insistence on shedding the blood of Yemenis.

He also said that Sana’a forces have liberated all areas in Marib province but the Al-Wadi region from the Saudi-led coalition while stressing that the fight will continue until full liberation of the province.

According to the spokesman, the Saudi-led coalition fighter jets carried out 159 airstrikes but failed to prevent the advance of the Yemeni forces during Operation Spring of Victory.

He also pointed out that their forces arrived at the entrances of the Marib city on different fronts after liberating areas adjacent to the city.

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