Mystery Surrounds Fate of Hadi’s PM after Airport Attack

Navigational sources at Aden International Airport revealed on Monday that the attack, which occurred late on Saturday evening, near the airport gate was targeting Maeen Abdulmalik, who used to leave after every meeting he held in the city, to reassure the inside and outside about his presence in the city.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Sources reported that the attack occurred in the moment a convoy entered it is likely that Mu’in was inside the airport’s main gate, indicating that it did not yet know the fate of Abdul Malik.

Later, southern media circulated that the former governor of Aden salmeen was among the targeted convoy.

The sources stated that the airport operations had received, hours before the explosion, notifications on reservations seats on the Yemeni plane flying to Cairo for Maeen and his crew.

Maeen Abdulmalik during a meeting with members of his government in Aden, announced his support for Tariq Saleh’s call to rapprochement between the forces, as part of regional arrangements to market Tariq as an alternative to “legitimacy.”

The airport bombing raised angry reactions, most notably Saudi Arabia and Europe which stressed in statements the need to implement Riyadh Agreement, to secure the stability of Hadi government in the city, this indicates that the results of the investigation confirm Maeen’s targeting.

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