Fierce Clashes with Several Weapons in Aden

Violent clashes with various types of weapons erupted on Monday inside one of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC)’s camps in the port city of Aden, southern Yemen.

Local sources stated that the clashes occurred inside the coast guard camp in Al-Nasr and Al-Arish neighborhoods in Khor Maksar area, without revealing the losses.

The sources added that the confrontations and the sounds of explosions provoked terror among the people of the area, pointing out that the STC troops deployed dozens of its members in the streets of the area, and set up checkpoints for cars in the Al-Arish tour.

On the other hand, violent confrontations broke out earlier today, Monday, between members of the STC militia in ‘Bir Fadl’ area due to a dispute over a plot of land.

This comes after Crater area witnessed at the beginning of last October confrontations between the STC militia and elements of the dissident leader of the militia, Imam al-Noubi, supported by the Saudi ambassador in Aden, Muhammad Al Jaber, which left dozens of dead and wounded, including civilians, and heavy losses in citizens’ homes and cars.

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