Sana’a Forces Control Anther District in Marib

During the past hours, Sana’a forces took control of the center of the strategic Al-Jobah Directorate on the outskirts of the city of Marib, which is preparing for rapid fall of the city.

Military sources said that Sana’a forces launched a lightning attack, in which they took control of the city of Al-Jadida. The center of Al-Jubah district after its control on the villages of Wasit and Nagah, which are adjacent to the city.

According to the sources, Sana’a attack came as a surprise to the legitimate forces, which were facing a disruption for all kinds of communications, which caused widespread confusion and led to the withdrawal of hundreds of them towards Al-Falaj area.

A military source in the legitimacy said that “sleeper cells” among Hadi’s forces turned in favor of Houthis in the first hours of the attack on “Al Jadeeda.” and it captured field leaders in the first lines of defense.

Sana’a’s control of al-Juba would transfer the confrontations to Marib city, which observers expect a rapid fall after being surrounded from three directions and the collapse of all its defenses.

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