STC Talks about Large-Scale Operation by Sana’a Intelligence in Shabwah

Al-Omna newspaper, affiliated with the Transitional Council, published on Wednesday, what it described as details of a meeting that brought together the head of Sana’a intelligence, Abu Ali Al-Hakim, with Shabwah sheikhs, some of whom are affiliated with Islah, as part of the arrangement to control the oil province.

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

This comes in the wake of significant progress made by Houthis in the battle for controlling the oil province.

The newspaper quoted on a tribal source who participated in the last meeting as saying that Abu Ali Al-Hakim informed the attendees that the fall of Mahrahp, Hadhramaut and Shabwah is a matter of time for his forces, hinting that the recent progress came as a result of agreements with the tribes, especially as they were quick and lightning and without significant battles.

The newspaper’s publication to these leaks comes on the eve of accusations by STC leaders to Islah of handing over Shabwah districts to “Houthis” in defiance to Transitional, which is trying to escalate in search of a foothold in this oil- and gas-rich province, which is its core crisis with Islah.

STC activists also accused Islah of withdrawing from the neighboring Al Beidha districts to Shabwah in defiance to STC, this allowed Sana’a to advance and penetrate the districts of Markha and Bayhan.

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