Islah Party Open Western Coast Road to Houthis

The spokesperson of the Islah factions in Taiz, Abdul Basit al-Bahr, admitted on Wednesday that his forces had opened AlKadhah road to “Houthis”, in conjunction with the confrontation’s escalation with Tariq, describing it as a “national battle.”

Exclusive-Alkhabar Alyemeni:

Al-Bahr indicated in a post on his official page on social media, commenting on news regarding the withdrawal of the party’s fighters from Al-Khadah Front, on the outskirts of Mocha, what allowed Sana’a forces to take control of it again without a fight, until it came within what he described as “national liberation” battle, alluding to an agreement to expel Tariq Saleh.

The fighters of the 35th Armored Brigade, the 17th Infantry Brigade, and the Fifth Brigade, the Presidential Guard, withdrew from their positions on the Al-Khadha Front during the past hours, under the pretext of escalating rivalries and stopping the payment of their salaries about a year ago.

Local sources reported that the fighters of Sana’a forces stationed near to Islah sites and returned to base in this area adjacent to the strongholds of pro-Emirati factions led by Tariq Saleh.

The withdrawal came at a time when confrontations escalated between Sana’a and Tariq’s forces with the latter’s attempt to advance towards Hays city, not to mention the attack that targeted Mocha port, and have accused Islah of orchestrating it.

It also comes at a time when UAE is trying to use the western coast as a platform to manage its battle in Hadhramaut, on the east coast of Yemen, where it continued to be used as a transit station to transport equipment, weapons and fighters to the coast of Hadhramaut.

These changes in the scene indicate to the possibility of Islah expanding its agreement with “Houthis” which reported by media reports in Marib to Taiz, in the context of curbing the influence of the pro-Emirati factions.

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