UAE Turns Yemeni Balhaf Oil Port into Military Base

British media reported on Yemeni Balhaf Oil Port, in occupied Shabwa governorate, after the Emirati occupation turned it into a military base and secret prisons.

The British Middle East Eye website said, in a report, that Balhaf Port was a lifeline for the economy in Yemen, because of the export of liquefied natural gas, which Abu Dhabi controlled for years and turned it into a military base.

The British website indicated that, with the war on Yemen entering its seventh year, the Balhaf port in Shabwa governorate is still in the hands of Emiratis, which is causing great anger among Yemenis who want to resume the port to its previous normal operations as a gas export center and boost the economy since the majority of the population suffers from poverty.

In the past weeks, the Emirati occupation carried out extensive recruitment of fighters inside its camp in the port of Balhaf. It also recruited dozens of members of the Shabwani Elite, and conducted intensive military training for them.

It added that Emirati occupation forces are still stationed in Al Alam camp and the Balhaf port, which is managed by French company “Total.” This has led to the suspension of exports since the start of the war against Yemen in 2015, while Abu Dhabi has until now refused to withdraw from the port of Balhaf and allow the re-export of liquefied gas.

Tribal groups seized, Monday, military vehicles belonging to the UAE occupation in Shabwa governorate:

Local sources reported that families of the victims of Al-Hajar massacre committed by the Emirati aircraft detained the Emirati vehicles that were heading to their Al-Alam camp in the governorate. Ahmed Al-Mihdhar, spokesperson for the families of victims, explained that detention of the military vehicles of Emirati occupation will continue until the implementation of their demands and the extradition of the perpetrators of the killing of 11 citizens, including children, in Emirati raid in January 2019, indicating that their demands are legitimate.

The Hajar tribes carried out open sit-in in October of last year, in front of Al-Alam camp, which is controlled by Emirati occupation forces in the Jardan region, before tribal mediation intervened and pledged to provide compensation and extradite the perpetrators, but the mediation failed, which led the people to detain the Emirati mechanisms on their way to the camp.

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